Revolutionising Global Trade with Sustainability and Innovation

The Sustainable Trade Forum (STF)


Welcome to the Sustainable Trade Forum (STF)

Welcome to the Sustainable Trade Forum (STF), where the future of international trade meets sustainability. Dr Rebecca Harding and Rebeccanomics introduce a groundbreaking initiative dedicated to shaping the landscape of global trade through sustainable practices, innovative solutions, and comprehensive education.

Why the Sustainable Trade Forum (STF)?

The Sustainable Trade Forum (STF) is more than just a forum; it's a hub of thought leadership. We bring together industry experts, regulators, policy makers, and defence leaders to shape the future of trade. With a focus on:

Training for the next generation of trade professionals

Pioneering research and thought-leadership

Creating a cross-industry voice in finance and trade

Membership Benefits

Join the Sustainable Trade Forum (STF) and gain unparalleled insights into global trade:

Membership Costs

Invest in the future of sustainable trade:

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Our Initiatives

The Sustainable Trade Forum (STF) spearheads multiple initiatives:

ESG Audit Council: Setting the standard for sustainable trade finance


Digital Trade Working Group: Paving the way for digital transformation in trade


Financial Services and Defence and Security Supply Chain Resilience: Enhancing global trade security


Education and Research: Empowering trade professionals with knowledge and skills


Be part of the change with the Sustainable Trade Forum (STF). Connect, collaborate, and lead the way in sustainable global trade.

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